There are many features that are planned to be added to the service, but it will take time to implement these.

Right now the core of the application, is working and is ready for beta testing.

The core of the service is the ability of a smart device to mimic a Fire Pager and to allow users to see who is responding to an alert. Both of these parts are working well enough to release the first beta version of the app.

One of the abilities that was designed into the service, is the ability to read paging tones in real time, in a live audio stream. Our service is able to listen to any audio stream (no CAD software is needed) and decode tones in real time. The service listens to the audio stream, detects any paging tone and the length of the tone. If the tones match the 2-tone paging format, an alert is sent immediately to the users.

In our testing, the alert that is sent to the users, happens very fast. Often the smart phone is already beeping /alerting, while the 'B' tone is still being transmitted. The tone decoder does not wait for the entire 'B' tone to be received before alerting the users, the alert is sent when enough of the 'B' tone (which is usually 3 seconds long) is received to confirm there was a valid 2-tone page.

The tone detector can decode 2-tone pages, long tone pages, and multiple tone sets sent in a row. It doesn't matter when the tones are sent in the audio stream, at the beginning, in the middle or the end of the stream. As soon as the tones are detected and decoded, the users are alerted.

A cored function of the app is the ability to received multiple channels simultaneously, something a radio or page can't do. A radio or pager can only receive 1 channel at a time. For example, a 16 channel radio can only receive 1 channel at a time, even though it has 16 channels. The best the radio can do is scan all 16 channels (1 at a time), then randomly stop on a channel, or stop on a priority channel. With the iFirePager app, it can receive up to 25 channels simultaneously, then using the app settings, you can decide how to handle these audio streams. The app can sequentially play all of the audio in full (in the order received) or just jump from channel to channel, playing the most recent broadcast. Regardless of how it's set up, all of the audio is stored and can be played back later.

Another core function is the ability of a User to be a member of multiple Departments. Each user can belong to any number of Departments. The user can set up 'Feed Groups' in the iFirePager app, then combine different departments together into one group. For example, a member may belong to several Organizations (Fire, EMS, Rescue, etc.) and these different Organizations might use incompatible equipment (VHF UHF Trunking etc.). With the iFirePager service, all of the channels, from all of the different Organizations can be put into one 'Feed Group' then scanned/alerted/monitored together.