Finally, after a long delay the iFirePager service is working and ready for beta testing.

The app works exactly like a Fire Pager, but with many more features. You are able to monitor a channel, get 2-tone alerts and play back stored voice messages. Plus use the GPS mapping feature to interact with other responders to an alert.

Up to 25 channels can be scanned at the same time using the app. With the option to scan in 'Live' mode or 'non-Live' mode. When in Live mode, the app jumps from channel to channel whenever a new broadcast starts. When in non-Live mode, it will stay on a channel until the broadcast stops, then it will play each successive broadcast on the other channels in their entirety, in the order received. All the while, saving the broadcasts, so they can be played back later.

One of the channels on the list can be marked as priority. A priority channel, overrides all the other channels and plays immediately. A 2-tone alert is always treated as the highest priority, it will immediately alert and override any other broadcast.

Each user, can be a member of multiple departments. Users can create 'Feed Groups' then place a mix of different departments and streams into each group. Each group then can be customized, to alert on specific sets of tones, at a specific times of day, with a unique beeping (alerting) sound. Up to 25 channels can be placed into each group, with no limit on the number of groups that can be created.

The first step to use the service, is for the Fire Department to apply through our website. Once approved, a software package will need to be downloaded and installed on a local computer. This is the software that will upload the audio streams to our servers.

The app itself, runs on iPhone/iPads, Android and Windows 10 computers. The functionality on the app is limited, unless you are a member of a department. So, if you want to use all the features of the app, encourage your Department to apply to use the service. Only official audio broadcasts are permitted on the service. However, anyone may download and use the app on their smart device.

Each Department may choose who is allowed to become a member. Each department can choose to allow the audio stream to be a public broadcast, or to allow only members access the stream. Public streams are listen only, unless the user is a member of the department. Members of the Department can receive 2-tone alerts and respond to the alerts, while non-members can't do either. The Department can also place a time delay on public broadcasts for non-members.

A Beta version of the app will be available in January 2021. A Beta version means the app works, but it may contain bugs or be unstable. Beta testers are used to work out the bugs in apps and to test new features. While in Beta, there is no charge to use the service. It's anticipated the app will be in Beta for the majority of 2021.